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Alternative forms[edit]


fat + finger, the implication being that a person who fat-fingers does so because his or her fingers are too fat to strike a key without accidentally simultaneously striking a neighboring key.


fat-finger (third-person singular simple present fat-fingers, present participle fat-fingering, simple past and past participle fat-fingered)

  1. (transitive, informal) To make errors in typing on a keyboard or keypad by accidentally striking more than one key simultaneously with one finger.
    • 1995 September 8, “US West software update disconnects online users”, in Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
      Another Sprint employee speculated that someone might have fatfingered the keyboard.
    • 2008 August 24, “DNS: Patched but not totally fixed”, in TechRepublic:
      However the other day I fatfingered a web request and got a Charter Communicationsnot found result page
    • 2010 May 6, Jennie Runevitch, “Source of stocks' plunge investigated”, in wthr.com, Indianapolis:
      "Evidently, someone said they 'fat-fingered' a trade, meaning they accidentally put it in for billions instead of millions," Snyder said.

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