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Directly imported from Yiddish פֿע (fe), meaning yuck.



  1. An expression of disgust or contempt.
    • Linda Glaser, Bridge to America: Based on a True Story (2005) p. 116:
      Kvola made a face. "It’s worse than an outhouse." She covered her nose. "Uh!" "It is" "Feh!" We all agreed and covered our noses. But Ma wasn't interested in our complaints.
      It smelled like rotten food, stinking bodies, and stale air. Feh!
    • Sidney Weissman, East Side Stories: Tales of Jewish Life in the Lower East Side of New York in the 1930’s (2000) p. 100:
      "A gangster. Feh! Disgusting” she said roughly grabbing Marty by the arm. "We go across the street."
    • Barry B. Longyear, Enemy Mine (1980) p. 81:
      "Look at it, how its pale skin blotches — and that evil-smelling thatch on top. Feh! The smell!