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This small open ferryboat is used on the Hampton Ferry across the River Thames

Alternative forms[edit]


ferry +‎ boat



ferryboat (plural ferryboats)

  1. (nautical) A boat used to ferry passengers, vehicles, or goods across open water, especially one that runs to a regular schedule
    • 1893, James Wells Goodwin, Peyton Boyle, Robert Desty, The Federal reporter, volume 54, page 206:
      He insists that it is practically undisputed that, when the ferryboat crossed the bow of the tug to make her slip, she crossed at a distance of at least 300 feet away
    • 1940, LIFE, Sep 2, 1940, page 59:
      The ferryboat "Argentina" rides toward Golden Gate, her ocean-going prow slicing the waves.
    • 1983, Mary Stiles Kline, George Albert Bayless, Ferryboats: a legend on Puget Sound, link:
      It was on this vessel that the founder of the second largest ferryboat company on Puget Sound...


  • Portuguese: ferryboat
  • Sicilian: ferrubbottu
  • Turkish: feribot