final solution

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final +‎ solution, calque of German Endlösung.


final solution (uncountable)

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see final,‎ solution.
    • 1911, Gilbert N. Lewis and Arthur Edgar, The Equilibrium between nitric acid, nitrous acid and nitric oxide, in The Journal of the American Chemical Society, volume 33, page 297:
      Each mol of nitric acid gives three mol of nitrous acid which is therefore present in the final solution to the amount of 0.048 mol per liter.
    • 2004, J. Stevens and A. Blackstone, The Final Solution to Property Tax
    • (Can we date this quote?), Bernard D. den Ouden, Language and Creativity: an interdisciplinary essay in Chomskyan humanism (ISBN 1588116743), page 8:
      Thus to argue that there is no final solution to this problem would be a disguised form of pretentious finality, [...]
  2. (historical) The planned and attempted mass murder of the European Jews by the Nazis; the Holocaust.

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