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Etymology 1[edit]

From the hotel quality rating system used in many countries, using from one to five stars.


five-star (not comparable)

  1. The best quality
    When we arrived, they gave us a five-star welcome.

Etymology 2[edit]

From the five-pointed star of the red, hand-shaped mark from a slap on bare skin.


five-star (plural five-stars)

  1. A hard slap on bare skin with a hand that leaves a red, fully hand-shaped mark.
    He still owes me a five-star so I try not to let him catch me with my shirt off.
  2. A mark from such a slap.
    Look at that five-star on my back! That bastard who gave it to me really has it coming.


five-star (third-person singular simple present five-stars, present participle five-starring, simple past and past participle five-starred)

  1. To slap someone hard with the hand on bare skin, leaving a red, fully hand-shaped mark.
    My friend five-starred me after we got out of the pool. Do you have a shirt I can wear to cover it?