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flabby ‎(comparative flabbier, superlative flabbiest)

  1. Yielding to the touch, and easily moved or shaken; hanging loose by its own weight; lacking firmness; flaccid.
    • 1867 December 28, John Wades, “External Manual Pressure during Labour”, The British Medical Journal, volume 2, page 601: 
      My attention was accidentally drawn to this aid, some five or six years ago, while attending a lady (multipara) in her confinement, who suffered from umbilical hernia, with large flabby abdomen.
  2. (of wine) Having a slight lack of acidity; having mild sweetness.
  3. (of writing, etc.) overwrought.
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    a flabby sheaf on a paracompact space
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  • (having a slight lack of acidity): flat


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