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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of floppy (floppy disk, a magnetic data storage device) +‎ optical.


floptical (not comparable)

  1. (computing, data storage) Using a combination of magnetic and optical technology.
    • 1993 June 21, advertisement, InfoWorld, page 12,
      Floptical technology is a practical and affordable way to increase your storage capacity— without giving up the convenience of diskettes.
    • 2004, S. Sadagopan, Management Information Systems[1], page 62:
      Optical technology appears in many forms of devices, starting from CD-ROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory) disks, to floptical disk (optical floppy disks) to very high capacity (up to 20 GB) optical disks.
    • 2006, Vicki Stanfield, Roderick W. Smith, Linux System Administration, page 270:
      Alternatives to tape and CD-R include floptical disks, Bernoulli boxes, and other removable drives.


floptical (plural flopticals)

  1. A floptical disk.
    • 1995, Eric Knorr, The PC Bible[2], page 74:
      Like floppy drives on steroids, flopticals use laser optics to store up to 21MB of data on one 3½-inch disk. The advantages of flopticals are a low buy-in cost ($400 and under) and the convenience of using the drive for your current library of 1.44MB and 720K disks (as well as IBM′s 2.88MB disks).
    • 1997, Lee Purcell, David Martin, The Complete Recordable-CD Guide, page 461:
      You said you are using flopticals in your sound studio? Is that where you use it mostly?
    • 2007, Corey Sandler, chapter 11, in Fix Your Own PC, page 5:
      Flopticals, once promising, have mostly been shoved aside by improvements in capacity and price for older designs that are still around and new devices, such as the Zip and SuperDisk LS-120 drives.

Related terms[edit]