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Onomatopoeic. Compare plunk.


flump (third-person singular simple present flumps, present participle flumping, simple past and past participle flumped)

  1. (intransitive) To move or fall heavily, or with a dull sound.
  2. (transitive) To drop something heavily or with a dull sound.



flump (plural flumps)

  1. The dull sound so produced.
  2. A type of large marshmallow.
    • 2014 November 12, Brian McIver, “Meet the stellar cast and crew behind new romantic comedy Scottish Mussel”, in Scottish Daily Record:
      As the lead cast get ready for an on-screen pint, or a packet of flumps in the case of Thomas, the fun and warmth on set is there for all to see and Riley is busy flitting between her on and off camera jobs.
    • 2016, Kes Gray, A Summer Double Daisy, →ISBN:
      So it means you'll always have room for ice cream, flumps, strawberry sauce and a chocolate flake.
    • 2017 April 3, “Easter 2017: Top unique and alternative Easter gifts”, in Express and Star:
      The luxury marshmallows were not your average flump, they had a chewy and sumptous texture that really gave you something to bite in to, covered in rich milk chocolate and sprinkles for that added sweet flavour.
  3. (by extension) A fat out-of-shape person.
    • 2015 June 9, Martha Cliff, “'I looked like a blobby blancmange': Obese mother-of-five beat her sugar cravings to lose SIX STONE... after hating how she looked in pink dress at a friend's wedding”, in Daily Mail:
      Ruth said: 'I recently treated myself to a fitted, hot pink dress for a night out and banished that image of being a fat, pink flump for good.'
    • 2017, Susi Osborne, Angelica Stone, →ISBN:
      In reality I felt like a fat flump, my belly still bulging like a saggy balloon.
    • 2018 March 8, Jennifer Russell, “All the best one liners from tonight's new episode of Still Game”, in Glasgow Live:
      Peggy: Who you calling a flump?!



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