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From fluster



flustering (comparative more flustering, superlative most flustering)

  1. agitated, confusing
    • 1840, James Fenimore Cooper, The Pathfinder[1], Lea and Blanchard, page 53:
      To me it seems, Mabel, that whenever a thing is really grand and potent, it has a quiet majesty about it, that is altogether unlike the frothy and flustering manner of smaller matters, and so it was with them rapids.
    • 1875, Anthony Trollope, The Way We Live Now, London: Chapman and Hall, []:
      " [] There is always a flustering breeze in the air and a perturbation generally through the county when they come or go, [] "
    • 1997, Rosemary Perry, Teaching Practice: A Guide for Early Childhood Students[2], Routledge, page 57:
      Although at times my prac experiences were flustering and frustrating, I have gained many new insights into catering for the individual needs of children.
    • 2004, Geoffrey Petty, Teaching Today: A Practical Guide, page 361:
      There is nothing more flustering than to wrestle with an unfamiliar piece of equipment in the presence of a class!
    • 2007, Frank Swinnerton, Coquette[3], READ BOOKS, page 39:
      She almost forgot Toby while she was bathed in this flustering brilliance of light and noise.

Derived terms[edit]



  1. present participle of fluster