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Middle English[edit]


From Old English forblāwan (to blow; blow out; inflate), equivalent to for- +‎ blow.


forblowen (third-person singular simple present forbloweth, present participle forblowing, simple past forblew, past participle forblowe or forblown)

  1. to blow (something) about, to drive or toss (as before the wind)
    Tofor the weder forth thei gon,..Forstormed and forblowen sore. — The English Works of John Gower, 1393
  2. to blow up (something with wind); puff up, inflate
    O, out on richesse with vanyte forblowe. — The Minor Poems of John Lydgate, c1460
    Where is youre boste, or daren ye appere With youre forblowyng vanyte. — The Pilgrimage of the Soul, 1500


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