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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English forleten ‎(forsake, reject, renounce, omit, lose, forgive), from Old English forlǣtan ‎(to abandon, forsake, reject, renounce, omit, lose, forgive), from Proto-Germanic *fralētaną ‎(to leave, dismiss), equivalent to for- +‎ let. Cognate with Scots forleet ‎(to forsake, abandon), Saterland Frisian ferläite ‎(to forlet, abandon), West Frisian forlitte ‎(to forlet), Dutch verlaten ‎(to desert), German verlassen ‎(to leave), Swedish förlåta ‎(to excuse, forgive, remit).


forlet ‎(third-person singular simple present forlets, present participle forletting, simple past and past participle forlet)

  1. (transitive, Britain dialectal) To abandon; give up; leave; leave behind; forsake; desert; neglect. [10th-17th c.]
    to forlet your sins
  2. (transitive, Britain dialectal, Scotland) To forget.