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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English forleten (forsake, reject, renounce, omit, lose, forgive), from Old English forlǣtan (to abandon, forsake, reject, renounce, omit, lose, forgive), from Proto-Germanic *fralētaną (to leave, dismiss), equivalent to for- +‎ let. Cognate with Scots forleet (to forsake, abandon), Saterland Frisian ferläite (to forlet, abandon), West Frisian forlitte (to forlet), Dutch verlaten (to desert), German verlassen (to leave), Swedish förlåta (to excuse, forgive, remit).


forlet (third-person singular simple present forlets, present participle forletting, simple past and past participle forlet)

  1. (transitive, UK dialectal) To abandon; give up; leave; leave behind; forsake; desert; neglect. [10th-17th c.]
    to forlet your sins
  2. (transitive, UK dialectal, Scotland) To forget.