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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English forsetten, from Old English forsettan ‎(to hedge in, obstruct, oppress), equivalent to for- +‎ set. Cognate with Dutch verzetten ‎(to move), German versetzen ‎(to put, move, transfer, transpose), Swedish försätta ‎(to go on, remove, set).


forset ‎(third-person singular simple present forsets, present participle forsetting, simple past and past participle forset)

  1. (transitive, dialectal) To get in front of; intercept; waylay; entrap.
  2. (transitive, dialectal, figuratively) To upset; hinder.
  3. (transitive, dialectal) To beset; surround; invest; surround with difficulties; bar; impede.
    backset and forset
  4. (transitive, dialectal, chiefly Scotland) To overpower; give one too much of anything; surfeit.
  5. (transitive, dialectal, chiefly Scotland, by extension) To overburden or overpower with work; overwork; overtax.


forset ‎(plural forsets)

  1. (transitive, dialectal) A strategem.


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