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freedom march (plural freedom marches)

  1. (chiefly US, politics, public policy) A protest rally by people parading in public streets in opposition to racism and in support of civil rights, especially on behalf of black Americans and especially during the 1960s.
    • 1963 Aug. 1, "25,000 in Cleveland March; Mayor Stays Away," Jet, p. 6 (Google preview):
      Thought the mayor of the city refused to participate, the governor of the state remembered a "previous engagement," newspaper editorials chided that it was "unnecessary" and cloudy skies threatened a downpour, a Freedom March in Cleveland was a success.
    • 1965 Sept., Ezra Bell Thompson, "Does Amalgamation Work in Brazil?", Ebony, p. 33 (Google preview):
      Brazil has never lynched a Negro, suffered a race riot, had a sit-in protest or hosted a freedom march.
    • 2009 Oct. 21, Dennis Hevesi, "Jack Nelson, Journalist, Dies at 80," New York Times (retrieved 12 June 2014):
      Mr. Nelson covered the Selma-to-Montgomery freedom marches, including Bloody Sunday, on March 7, 1965, when 600 marchers were attacked with billy clubs and tear gas.

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