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  • IPA(key): /ˈfrɔ.t͡ʃo/
  • Rhymes: -ɔtʃo
  • Hyphenation: frò‧cio

Etymology 1[edit]

Probably from frocia (nostril).


frocio m (plural froci) (derogatory, Rome, dated)

  1. a German
    Synonym: crucco
    • 1909, Cesare Pascarella, “La musica nostra”, in Sonetti:
      Be’, che dice? Che l’opera italiana / È la più mejo musica der monno. / E tu che soni appena la campana, / Me venghi a di’ che er frocio sia profonno?
      Well, what does she say? That Italian opera is the best music of the world. And you who barely play the bell come telling me that the German is deep?

Etymology 2[edit]

Uncertain.[1] By some believe to be same as above, with a semantical shift. Alternatively from Venetian fenocio ((slang) gay) with rhoticisation of the /-n-/ by influence of the above term.


frocio (feminine frocia, masculine plural froci, feminine plural frocie) (derogatory, originally Rome)

  1. (vulgar, derogatory) gay, homosexual


frocio m (plural froci) (derogatory, originally Rome)

  1. (vulgar, derogatory) gay man, poof, faggot
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:finocchio
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