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fur +‎ -fag.


furfag (plural furfags)

  1. (derogatory, offensive, vulgar, slang) A member of the furry subculture, especially a homosexual male.
    • 2002, "Michael Hirtes", Hirtes can't be living in his Mom's basement. (on newsgroup alt.fan.furry)
      Well, there WAS that one lone snotwad who came up to my table and tried to make it sound like I did a bad, BAD thing by not publishing any nekkid guys in my zines, and that he was gonna punish me by not bying any of my stuff. Oh, how utterly crushed that made me. Why ever did I NOT publish loads and loads of buttburglar comix like ASB? Then I'd have more furfags dropping lots of "cash on my a$$".
    • 2009, "Chance Furlong", AAPL dropping like rock (on newsgroup comp.sys.mac.advocacy)
      Dreaming again, furfag?

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