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Blend of fur +‎ pervert


furvert (plural furverts)

  1. A furry who is a pervert; somebody who takes a sexual interest in furry media.
    • 1999, Katharine Gates, Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex
      The most popular animal alter-egos in the gay furvert scene are well-hung centaurs, ravenous werewolves, and bears.
    • 2001, The Comics Journal
      ...the loud-mouthed Furvert who had been annoying us the previous day.
    • 2005, Lance Olsen, 10:01
      Fred never feels as alive as when dressed as a Furvert, his life rich with secrets and deception.
    • 2007, Marcus Alexander Hart, David Wong, The Oblivion Society
      "I'm not a furvert just because I'd fuck Mayor Ben!"