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A bowl of garbanzos
A bowl of prepared garbanzos
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From Spanish garbanzo, initially borrowed as garvance in the 17th c. and anglicized as calavance (chickpea; any kind of bean or pulse).[1] The original garbanzo was re-established in the 19th c., primarily via American Spanish.[1]


  • IPA(key): /ɡɑɹˈbɑnzoʊ/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: gar‧ban‧zo


garbanzo (plural garbanzos)

  1. An edible pulse, Cicer arietinum, of the family Leguminosae or Fabaceae and subfamilies Faboideae or Papilionoideae, with white or purple-blue flowers and small feathery leaves on both sides of the stem and pods containing two to three peas.
    Synonym: garbanzo bean
  2. A seed of this plant; the chickpea.



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From Old Spanish garbanço.[1] Presumably influenced by garroba (carob fruit) and galbana (small pea; a variety of pea).[1][2]


  • IPA(key): (Spain) /ɡaɾˈbanθo/ [ɡaɾˈβ̞ãn̟.θo]
  • IPA(key): (Latin America) /ɡaɾˈbanso/ [ɡaɾˈβ̞ã]
  • Audio (Spain):(file)
  • (Spain) Rhymes: -anθo
  • (Latin America) Rhymes: -anso
  • Syllabification: gar‧ban‧zo


garbanzo m (plural garbanzos)

  1. chickpea; garbanzo (plant, seed)
  2. (figurative) bottom dollar, dosh

Derived terms[edit]


  • Basque: garbantzu
  • English: garbanzo, calavance


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