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gay +‎ -ism


gayism (uncountable)

  1. (rare) homosexuality
    • 1992, Eustace A. Dixon, Gospel music: vocal cords and related issues, page 175:
      Here the Bible appears to directly address only the subject of male homosexuality: gayism versus lesbianism. On the latter, the Bible appears to be silent.
    • 1999, Kevin Rushby, Chasing the mountain of light, page 200:
      Out at the front were some of the young groom's mates, and one dropped off the lead to whisper to me. 'Are you a friendly boy?' 'Sorry?' 'A friendly boy?' He leaned closer. 'Are you interested in gayism?'
    • 2013, Patrick Brantlinger, Who Killed Shakespeare
      [] higher education performs much the same dystopian function, though with the ideological valences switched: tenured radicals are interpellating — that is, brainwashing — students in Marxism, feminism, gayism, Afrocentrism, deconstructionism []