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Alternative forms[edit]


general +‎ -ization


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  • Rhymes: -eɪʃən
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generalization (countable and uncountable, plural generalizations)

  1. An act or instance of generalizing; concluding that something true of a subclass is true of the entire class
  2. The formulation of general concepts from specific instances by abstracting common properties.
    Synonyms: universalization; see also Thesaurus:generalization
    Antonyms: specialization; see also Thesaurus:specialization
  3. Inductive reasoning from detailed facts to general principles
  4. An oversimplified or exaggerated conception, opinion, or image of the members of a group.
  5. (mathematics) A proof, axiom, problem, or definition that includes another's cases, and also some additional cases; a conclusion reached by inferring from specific cases to more general cases or principles.
    A hypersphere is a generalization of a sphere across more than three dimensions.


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