generative medicine

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generative medicine (uncountable)

  1. The medical specialty that employs computer-aided analysis of the relationships between an individual's genes, cells, organ systems, other organisms, and their environments to provide greater appreciation of the complex behaviors seen in both health and disease and more personalized approaches to the treatment of illness and enhancement of well-being.
    • 2002, Gurbachan S. Miglani, Advanced genetics
      This understanding is key to the generative medicine of the future. Haseltine (2000) sees four phases in developing generative medicine.
    • 2008, Anders Persson, Stellan Welin, Contested Technologies (page 195)
      This topic has been prominent in some of the discussions of stem cell therapies and generative medicine. It is also part of the debate on transplantation medicine.
    • 2009, Wang et al, Advances and prospect of nanotechnology in stem cells
      [] stem cells are developing toward application of generative medicine []


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