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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English glassen, glasen, from Old English glæsen (made of glass), from Proto-Germanic *glasīnaz (made of glass; glazen), equivalent to glass +‎ -en (adjective suffix). Doublet of glazen.


glassen (comparative more glassen, superlative most glassen)

  1. Made of or consisting of glass
    • 2012, B. Suchoff, ‎Bela Bartok, Rumanian Folk Music:
      From the castle calls Ileana, Refrain (Looking) through the glassen windows, (Looking) through the glassen windows: [...]
    • 2013, Allen G. Debus, The Chemical Philosophy:
      But I had a glassen vessel, of a narrow neck, weighing 1354 grains: [...]
  2. Resembling glass; glassy; glazed
    And pursues the dice with glassen eyes. — Ben Jonson.
    • 2004, John Coulson Tregarthen, John Penrose: A Romance of the Land's End:
      Abreast of the players, he jumped down, seized one of the taws - it was a glassen alley - knuckled down, fired kibby at the clayers in the ring, and was back in his seat before you could cry "Jack Robinson".

Etymology 2[edit]

From glass +‎ -en (verbal suffix).


glassen (third-person singular simple present glassens, present participle glassing, simple past and past participle glassed)

  1. (transitive) To coat or cover (e.g. pottery, etc.) with glaze; to glaze





  1. definite singular of glass