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a glassy building.


From Middle English glasy, equivalent to glass +‎ -y. Compare Saterland Frisian glääsich (glassy), Dutch glazig (glassy), German Low German glasig (glassy), German glasig (glassy).


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ɡlɑːsi/
  • (file)


glassy (comparative glassier, superlative glassiest)

  1. Of or like glass, especially in being smooth and somewhat reflective.
    Coordinate terms: glossy, shiny
    a resin tabletop with a glassy polish
    1. (sailing, surfing, of water, not comparable) Lacking any chop; smooth and mostly flat.
      a fair day on a glassy sea
  2. Including a lot of glass.
    1. Extensively glazed.
      architecture enamored of glass and steel, where glassier meant classier
      • 2023 January 12, Tim Starks, with Aaron Schaffer, “Don't panic. It might not be a cyberattack. The Cybersecurity 202 newsletter.”, in Washington Post[1], retrieved 2023-01-12:
        Every time there's a major technological outage, […] speculation quickly erupts blaming a possible cyberattack. […] mostly, the sentiment of cyber observers is that it's a bad idea to jump to conclusions, especially publicly. ¶ "If we keep crying wolf, then we lose the ability to educate and solve real problems," Bryson Bort, founder of the cybersecurity company Scythe, told me. "We live in the glassiest house in the world with our reliance on information systems."
  3. (of eyes) Dull; expressionless; lifeless.
    Coordinate term: fisheye
    the glassy eyes of a person in a trance

Derived terms[edit]



glassy (plural glassies)

  1. (Ulster) Glass marble.

Alternative forms[edit]