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From glow +‎ -ie. Originated by Terry Davis, who stated in a 2017 video that "CIA niggers glow in the dark", implying that they are conspicuous. The term "glowie" would become popular on the 4chan /pol/ board around 2019.[1]



glowie (plural glowies)

  1. (Internet slang, derogatory, far-right) A government agent or informant infiltrating an online political space, with the supposed intention of surveilling violent extremists or provoking entrapment.
    • 2021 January 25, Olga Khazan, “The Far Right's Fear of 'Glowies'”, in The Atlantic[1]:
      On January 6, one Telegram user made their channel, which was popular with the far right, private because "nameless faceless glowies are joining." Two days later, another person suggested that glowies would "float dead cop story, to redirect public attention and sympathy," referring to the death of the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:glowie.

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  1. ^ Olga Khazan, "The Far Right’s Fear of ‘Glowies’", The Atlantic, 25 January 2021