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Structure diagram of glycin
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From glycine, modified with -in.


glycin (uncountable)

  1. (organic chemistry) A phenolic derivative of glycine, N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)glycine, used as a photographic developer.
    • 2008, Robert Hirsch, Photographic Possibilities, page 142,
      Glycin is a versatile paper developer that produces a strong, deep black on bromide papers and brown to sepia tones on warm-tone chloride and chlorobromide papers.
    • 2008, Georg-Wilhelm Oetjen, Peter Haseley, Freeze-Drying, page 23,
      Glycin immersed in LN2 formed an amorphous product. Upon heating to –65 °C an unidentified crystalline phase of glycin was observed, which transformed at ≈ 55 °C to 2-glycin.
    • 2011, Elizabeth Allen, Sophie Triantaphillidou, The Manual of Photography, page 257,
      Glycin developers are non-staining and have exceptionally good keeping properties, but are too slow in action for general use.
  2. Misspelling of glycine.
    • 2007, Katalin Köves, Andrea Heinzlmann, Chapter 1: Neurotransmitters and Neuropeptides in Autism, Barbara S. Mesmere (editor), New Autism Research Developments, page 51,
      The level of glycin (Table 4) in the serum and the plasma of autistic patients does not show consistent changes.

Usage notes[edit]

The confusion with glycine may be compounded by translations of the latter in certain other languages, as well as by the synonym photoglycine.


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glycin n

  1. (biochemistry) glycine


Declension of glycin 
Indefinite Definite
Nominative glycin glycinet
Genitive glycins glycinets