go dtí

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The conjunction go (until) followed by an archaic subjunctive of tar (come); i.e. "until it come".



go dtí

  1. to
    Tá mé ag dul go dtí an Fhrainc. ― I'm going to France.
  2. toward
  3. until, up to

Usage notes[edit]

  • In the meaning "to", used with place names that start with a definite article. Place names that do not start with a definite article take the preposition go instead.
  • Because this term originated as a verbal expression, the noun it governs is in the nominative case, as can be seen by its mutation effects on masculine singular nouns after the definite article: consonants are not mutated (e.g. go dtí an capall "toward the horse") and vowels take t-prothesis (e.g. go dtí an t-uisce "up to the water").

Derived terms[edit]