go for the gold

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Alternative forms[edit]


An allusion to the gold medal, the highest prize in many major competitive events, especially in the Olympic Games.


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go for the gold

  1. (idiomatic) To attempt to achieve the maximum reward or result in an endeavor.
    • 1993, Nora Roberts, Honest Illusions[1], →ISBN, page 439:
      Deciding to go for the gold, he leaned close to Luke's ear and whispered, "Can you tell Mama I should have a dog? A really big dog?"
    • 2007, "Eco-friendly Napa Valley hotel caters to conscientious travelers," USA Today, 3 Jan. (retrieved 20 July 2009):
      The 132-room Gaia Napa Valley Hotel wants to go for the gold, making it the highest-rated hotel in the state and the nation.