go for the gold

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Alternative forms[edit]


An allusion to the gold medal, the highest prize in many major competitive events, especially in the Olympic Games.


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go for the gold (third-person singular simple present goes for the gold, present participle going for the gold, simple past went for the gold, past participle gone for the gold)

  1. (idiomatic) To attempt to achieve the maximum reward or result in an endeavor.
    • 1993, Nora Roberts, Honest Illusions[1], →ISBN, page 439:
      Deciding to go for the gold, he leaned close to Luke's ear and whispered, "Can you tell Mama I should have a dog? A really big dog?"
    • 2007, "Eco-friendly Napa Valley hotel caters to conscientious travelers," USA Today, 3 Jan. (retrieved 20 July 2009):
      The 132-room Gaia Napa Valley Hotel wants to go for the gold, making it the highest-rated hotel in the state and the nation.