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go in (third-person singular simple present goes in, present participle going in, simple past went in, past participle gone in)

  1. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see go,‎ in.
    It's getting cold. Let's go in.
  2. (of the sun, moon or stars) To become obscured by clouds.
    It's chilly now the sun's gone in.
  3. To share in part of a project's or plan's duties or costs.
    If you guys are fixing up that boat together to share it, I'll go in too.
  4. (of a fact or concept) To become understood or accepted.
    Synonym: sink in
    You have to tell him a hundred times if you want it to go in.
  5. To perform invasive surgery.
    • 2012, Tim Layman, Death Was Not an Option! (page 73)
      Our next step is to meet with Dr. Wells (surgeon) to discuss our next step. It looks like he will have to go in and see exactly what it is, then if cancer, extract it.

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