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graphic +‎ -ian, probably by analogy with musician.



graphician (plural graphicians)

  1. (computing, nonstandard, chiefly demoscene) A designer of graphics for computer software.
    • 2000, "Teemu Lahti", We need a graphician (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      I have a demogroup called Kontio and we need a graphician, who can make 2D and 3D. Our website is not yet online, but it will be someday. Contact me, if you are interested!!
    • 1998, "Lars Sobiraj", graphician wanted! (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.amiga.demos)
      Darkage is desperatly [sic] searching for a graphician!

Usage notes[edit]

  • This nonstandard English term is particularly common in the international demoscene. A person having this role in industry would usually be called a graphic artist or graphic designer.