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gripping (comparative more gripping, superlative most gripping)

  1. Which catches someone's attention; exciting
    a gripping action film
    Synonyms: interesting, absorbing, fascinating



  1. present participle of grip


gripping (plural grippings)

  1. The act of forming a grip.
    • 1949, Stendhal, William Somerset Maugham, Stendhal's The Red and the Black (volume 10, page 126)
      His resentful comments on this conviction were greeted only by great tears falling in silence, and almost convulsive grippings of his hand.
  2. Obsolete form of griping (pinching and spasmodic pain in the intestines).
    • 1727, Alexander Hamilton, A new account of the East Indies
      The same Night it began to operate by Grippings and Sweating, and he being bred a Surgeon, took some Medicines to correct the Grippings, which in some Measure the Medicine did, but he lost his Appetite []