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hack +‎ -able


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hackable (comparative more hackable, superlative most hackable)

  1. (computing) That can be hacked or broken into; insecure, vulnerable.
  2. That lends itself to hacking (technical tinkering and modification); moddable.
    The robotic vacuum cleaner proved to be hackable, so we reprogrammed two of them to race each other.
    • 1983 January 29, Greenspon, Michael C., “Re: RSTS dies?”, in fa.human-nets, Usenet[1], retrieved 2016-12-15, message-ID <bnews.brl-bmd.512>:
      Hey, watch it! I'll be the first to admit that RSTS is old, generally ugly, and very stupid about lots of things, but it IS hackable. UNIX is equally, if not more, ugly, stupid, etc., and is also hackable. The difference is that in order to get UNIX to do ANYTHING even REMOTELY USEFUL it MUST be hacked. Of course, if you like case significance and an operating system designed around the same mindless philosophy, go ahead and use stock UNIX. For now, on PDP-11s, I'll stick to hacking RSTS.