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haired ‎(comparative more haired, superlative most haired)

  1. Having hair; not bald or hairless.
    • 1888, ‎Charles Wyville Thomson, ‎Sir John Murray, Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger, page 40:
      It was pointed at the tip, and whilst its dorsum was haired the opposite surface was hairless, hollowed out into a concha and directed forwards and outwards.
    • 1993, Robert Ruark, The Old Man's Boy Grows Older, page 205:
      He made only one exception: our big rangy Llewellin setter named Frank, a blue-ticked genius that knew integral calculus where quail were concerned, and was haired almost as thinly as a pointer.
    • 2014, Gerardo Ceballos, Mammals of Mexico, page 306:
      Their tails are both indistinctly bicolored, but N. picta has a thinner and more haired tail.
  2. (in combination) Having some specific type of hair.
    She was a raven-haired beauty

Derived terms[edit]