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Alternative forms[edit]


halfwidth ‎(not comparable)

A Korean command prompt (cmd.exe) showing halfwidth and fullwidth characters.
  1. (computing, typography) (of certain characters) Being a physically narrower glyph, as opposed to fullwidth.
    • 1993, GO Corporation, Penpoint Application Writing Guide
      This would convert any half-width katakana characters to full-width katakana.
    • 1998, Rick Jelliffe, The XML & SGML Cookbook
      ...and half-width (zenkaku, hankaku) alphabets are regarded as separate...
    • 2002, Cay S Horstmann, Gary Cornell, Core Java 2
      The half-width characters have normal character spacing...



halfwidth ‎(plural halfwidths)

  1. (chemistry) The width of a spectroscopic peak at half its height