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Alternative forms[edit]


hand-me-down (plural hand-me-downs)

  1. An item that is passed along for someone else to use.
    1. (especially) A piece of clothing or other item which has been outgrown by an older sibling and passed down to a younger one.



hand-me-down (not comparable)

  1. Used or second-hand, passed along by its prior user.
    • 1967, Lou Reed (lyrics and music), “All Tomorrow's Parties”, in The Velvet Underground & Nico, performed by The Velvet Underground:
      And what costume shall the poor girl wear / To all tomorrow's parties? / A hand-me-down dress from who knows where
    • 1983, 19th of March, Presidential Radio Address by Ronald Reagan
      I don't want America's recovery and security to be sacrificed on an altar of discredited hand-me-down theories. And if you'll help us, they won't be.