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hand +‎ rail.


handrail (plural handrails)

  1. A rail which can be held, such as on the side of a staircase, ramp or other walkway, and serving as a support or guard.
    • 2020 July 15, “Network News: £2 million repairs complete at Eskmeals viaduct”, in Rail, page 22:
      Walkways and handrails were also upgraded during the work, to improve safety for maintenance staff.
  2. A moving continuous belt-like rail on either side of an escalator which users can hold on to for support.
    • 2020 December 2, Andy Byford talks to Paul Clifton, “I enjoy really big challenges...”, in Rail, page 54:
      We trialled a new ultraviolet system that runs under the handrail of an escalator, killing the virus. We are rolling that out at more than 100 stations.


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