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hapax (plural hapaxes)

  1. Ellipsis of hapax legomenon.
    • 1993, Gilbert G. Bilezikian, Christianity 101: Your Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs, →ISBN, page 19:
      Never build a doctrine on or draw a teaching from an unclear or debated hapax.
    • 1993, Mark W. Edwards, The Iliad: A Commentary, Volume V: Books 17-20, →ISBN, page 53:
      He includes tables which give the number and frequency of hapaxes in each Book, ...
    • 1999, Ingo Plago, Morphological Productivity: Structural Constraints in English Derivation, →ISBN, page 111:
      Most of the hapaxes featuring -ify and -ize are phonologically and semantically transparent, which indicates their status as productive formations.
    • 1999, David E. Orton, The Synoptic Problem and Q: Selected Studies from Novum Testamentum, →ISBN, page 194:
      There are 19000-odd words in his gospel, and 971 of these are hapaxes: there are 18000-odd words in Acts, and 943 are hapaxes.



Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek ἅπαξ (hápax, once).


  • (mute h) IPA(key): /a.paks/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -aks


hapax m (plural hapax)

  1. (linguistics, lexicography) hapax, hapax legomenon

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