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harse (plural harses)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of horse.
    • (Can we date this quote?), Paul Boyton (1848-1914), The Story of Paul Boyton[1]:
      "It's no harse Oi have," he solemnly responded, "but Oi've wan av the finest mares in the south av Ireland an Oi'll drive ye over for six shillin'.
    • 1917, Various, Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, January 10, 1917[2]:
      At the moment the huntsman leps his harse up on the double beside us; he was phlastered with muck from his hair to his boots.
    • 1922, Edited by James Weldon Johnson, The Book of American Negro Poetry[3]:
      Sateday, de marnin' break, Soon, soon market-people wake; An' de light shine from de moon While dem boy, wid pantaloon Roll up ober dem knee-pan, 'Tep across de buccra lan' To de pastur whe' de harse Feed along wid de jackass, An' de mule cant' in de track Wid him tail up in him back, All de ketchin' to defy, No ca' how dem boy might try.