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Initialism of +‎ -er.



asher (plural ashers)

  1. A member of the newsgroup, which deals with the topics of suicide and depression.
    • 1998, "im__naked", everybody`s got 2 cents RIGHT? (on Internet newsgroup
      ANYONE who first stumbles upon ash is bound to want to SAVE these desperately unhappy people. If you think Daisy was the first or last person trying to knock sense into the ashers, you are wrong. And from my observations, Anyone with only good intentions, (say trying to give ashers a spiritual outlook) is visciously [sic] attacked by ash.
    • 1998, "Marc", MESSAGE TO JENNY M. (on Internet newsgroup alt.angst)
      I can't remember how this thread started to be honest, but if someone said that suicide won't affect others, I agree with you about that. In fact I think all ASHers would agree that a suicide is not an isolated event that won't make ripples in the life of others.
    • 2001, "John T. Kennedy", Libertarians, Suicide, & the "Social Contract [TROLL] (on Internet newsgroup alt.test)
      Ashers offer such good arguments. Like: "You're dumb."
    • 2007, "slunky", Is it true that you can't commit suicide with pills? (on Internet newsgroup
      Some ashers dislike and ridicule online forums like asd, that provide a more traditional forms [sic] of support, as useless and requiring insincere displays of affection. This view is quite subjective. The support on asd suits those who read it, and not ashers.