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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English *ersch, from Old English ersc (a park, preserve; stubble-field).

Earsh (noun)(Old English ersc) was used in the south & west of England to describe a stubble field in which plant material – wheat, barley or rye- had been cut, leaving a short stubble or short stalks.

Noah Webster in Webster's Dictionary (1828) describes Earsh as a plowed (sic) field linking it to arrish but also to eadish which is described as latter pasture of grass that comes after mowing or reaping, called also eargrass, earsh, etch



earsh (countable and uncountable, plural earshes)

  1. (archaic) stubble field.
    • 1628 Fires oft are good on barren earshes made, With crackling flames to burn the stubble blade’ Translation of Georgics by Virgil, Thomas May,