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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French hauberc, from Frankish *halsberg (neck-cover).


hauberk (plural hauberks)

[1] Hauberk, 15th century
  1. A coat of mail; especially, the long coat of mail of the European Middle Ages, as contrasted with the habergeon, which is shorter and sometimes sleeveless.
    • 1786, Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 14:
      The hauberk was a complete covering of mail from head to foot. It consisted of a hood, joined to a jacket with sleeves, breeches, stockings and shoes of double chain mail, to which were added gauntlets of the same construction.
    • 1909, Charles Henry Ashdown, European Arms & Armor, page 65:
      The hauberk was to the Norman what the byrnie was to the Saxon, the chief method of bodily defence.

Coordinate terms[edit]