have another think coming

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Alternative forms[edit]


have another think coming (third-person singular simple present has another think coming, present participle having another think coming, simple past and past participle had another think coming)

  1. To be deluded, to be mistaken; to need to rethink something one has determined; to need to reconsider one's plans or expectations.
    If you think you're going to marry my daughter, you have another think coming.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This expression is used as a rebuke, often in constructions similar to "If X thinks that Y, he/she has another think coming!" Sometimes the word got is included, in the familiar constructions has got and have got, as "(someone)'s got another think coming", "they've/you've got another think coming".
  • The form to have another thing coming is often seen, and may have been aided by a mishearing of the /k/ of think blended with the /k/ of coming, making think sound like thing.
  • Another common colloquial pronunciation in the US sounds like have another think a-comin'.


  • 1901, Wallace Irwin, The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum, VIII:
    My finish then less clearly do I see, / For lo ! I have another think a-coming.
  • 1918, Jacob Marvin Rudy, Our Nation's Peril, page 132:
    ...and if you think just because we are at war I'm going to give my brains an opiate or send them away on a vacation, you got another think a comin'. I wasn't built that way.
  • 1950, Conrad Richter, The Fields, page 72:
    But if she figured she could break him, she had another think a coming.
  • 1967, Sylvia Wilkinson, A Killing Frost, page 47:
    I told them they had another think a-coming if they thought they could talk me down like they did Papa, and they could just pack themselves right off my...
  • 1984, James Purdy, On Glory's Course, page 252:
    He had another think a-coming, that begrimed whoremonger!


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