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heir +‎ -ess.


heiress (plural heiresses)

  1. A woman who has a right of inheritance or who stands to inherit.
    • 1838 (date written), L[etitia] E[lizabeth] L[andon], chapter IX, in Lady Anne Granard; or, Keeping up Appearances. [], volume I, London: Henry Colburn, [], published 1842, OCLC 1000392275, page 120:
      "Do you know, Julia, that Charles has taken some wild-goose fancy into his head about marrying?" / "Why, what heiress have you picked up?" asked his sister. "I am sure that I am very glad of it, though I cannot form a guess who it is. I never knew a season so unprofitable in that respect as the present."
  2. A woman who has received an inheritance.