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highschool + boy, on the pattern of schoolboy.



highschoolboy (plural highschoolboys)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) A male student of a high school; compare highschoolgirl.
    • 1949: Willem Bordewijk, Een onderzoek naar de factoren, die beroepswens en beroepsvoorstelling van de proletarische jeugd beinvloeden, page 32 (J. B. Wolter)
      The influence of father’s occupation on the vocational choices of highschoolboys.
    • 1968: Dennis Brutus, Letters to Martha: And Other Poems from a South African Prison, page 22 (reprint edition; Heinemann Educational; ISBN 0435900463, 9780435900465)
      A studious highschoolboy he looked
      — as in fact I later found he was —
      bespectacled, with soft-curved face
      and withdrawn protected air:
      and I marvelled, envied him
      so untouched he seemed to be
      in that hammering brutal atmosphere.
    • 1990: Bulletin of the Faculty of Sociology, Kansai univrsity, volume 21, issue 2, page 23 (関西大学社会学部)
      As a numerical example, the factor solutions of the YG Personality Inventory obtained from 3 groups of highschoolboys were checked numerically by means of sum of squares of differences and also of reference structure.