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hill station (plural hill stations)

  1. (chiefly Britain, Pakistan and India) In Southeast Asia, a small community located at a relatively high elevation which serves as a retreat or vacation location during the hot summers; historically, a village or military post so used by colonial officials.
    • 1897, Andrew Lang, "Riding Home From Mess," in The Book of Dreams and Ghosts, ch. 4:
      In 1854, General Barter, C.B., was a subaltern in the 75th Regiment, and was doing duty at the hill station of Murree in the Punjaub.
    • 1964, Victor Anant, "Indians' anxious look at the era after Nehru," The Guardian (UK), 28 May (retrieved 10 June 2009):
      At 6.25 a.m. today Mr Nehru, who had gone to sleep last night "fresh and fit" after his short holiday at a hill station, had a stroke.
    • 2006, Vijay Singh, "From Navi Mumbai, chilling is a drive away," Times of India, 15 Oct, (retrieved 10 June 2009):
      For builder Rakesh Prajapati, the ideal weekend is trekking up the wild path to reach hill station Matheran.
Hill station (Darjeeling, India)