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The Zaniskari, a small mountain horse from Ladakh in northern India. Something is said to be hippic if it relates to horses or horse-riding.

Learned borrowing from Ancient Greek ἱππικός (hippikós, relating to horses or horse-riding) + English -ic (suffix forming adjectives with the sense ‘of or pertaining to’ from nouns). Ἱππικός is derived from ἵππος (híppos, horse) (ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *h₁éḱwos (horse; stallion), probably from Proto-Indo-European *h₁eḱ- (horse; swift (?))) + -ῐκός (-ikós, suffix forming adjectives with the sense ‘of or pertaining to’ from nouns).[1]



hippic (comparative more hippic, superlative most hippic)

  1. Relating to horses or horse-riding.
    (relating to horses): Synonyms: (more common) equine, horselike, (rare) horsely, (obsolete, rare) horsen, (the next two somewhat informal) horsey, horsy
    (relating to horse-riding): Synonym: equestrian
  2. (humorous, dated) Relating to horse racing. [chiefly 19th c.]

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