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hold together (third-person singular simple present holds together, present participle holding together, simple past and past participle held together)

  1. (transitive) To cause to stay together.
    • a. 1225, The Legend of St Katherine, l. 2268:
      Porphire & alle hise heolden ham togederes.
    • 1785, William Cowper, "Task", ll. 687 f.:
      ...the sacred band
      That holds mankind together...
  2. (figuratively, idiomatic) Synonym of hold it together: to cope with adversity.
  3. (intransitive) To stay together.
    • c. 1330, Amis and Amiloun, ll. 151 f.:
      ...That thai schuld frely fond,
      To hold togider at eueri nede...
    • 1861, Temple Bar, No. 3, p. 509:
      There was hope that the ship would hold together.
    • 1960 March, “Talking of Trains: The Slough derailment”, in Trains Illustrated, page 132:
      The Inspecting Officer draws attention to the remarkable way in which the train held together after the final derailment; this was due in no small measure to the robustness of the buckeye couplings fitted to the coaches.

Derived terms[edit]