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Alternative forms[edit]


From house +‎ breaker


housebreaker (plural housebreakers)

  1. A criminal who breaks into and enters another's house or premises with the intent of committing a crime.
    • 1869, Anthony Trollope, chapter 12, in He Knew He Was Right:
      [H]e is dressed in such a rapscallion manner that the people would think you were talking to a house-breaker.
    • 1968, "‘Infuriated’ vicar's wife routs interloper," Montreal Gazette (Canada), 19 Nov., p. 9 (retrieved 21 Sep 2010):
      The vicar seized a sword and routed the housebreaker, but it was the vicar's wife in an nightgown and coat who caught up with the fleeing intruder, slapped his face and held him by the neck.
    • 2009, "Serial housebreaker nabbed ," AsiaOne (Singapore), 20 May (retrieved 21 Sep 2010):
      A serial housebreaker who is believed to have stolen from several homes in Ang Mo Kio last month was nabbed on Tuesday.

Related terms[edit]