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From ie- (into) +‎ vads (taking, leading) (compare German Ein-führung, Latin intrō-ductīō, Russian в-ведение (v-vedenie), Greek εισ-αγωγή (eis-agogí), etc.).


ievads m (1st declension)

  1. introduction, introductory words, actions
    bez jebkāda ievadawithout any introduction
    tas bija ievads viņai jaunajai dzīveithat (action) was an introduction to her new life
  2. introduction, preface (a text at the beginning of a book, article, etc. that introduces it)
    grāmatas ievadsthe book's introduction, preface
    stāsta, sacerējuma, romāna ievadsintroduction to a story, essay, novel
  3. (music) introduction (initial phase that introduces the main musical piece or theme)
    simfonijas, operas ievadssymphony, opera introduction
  4. (education) introduction (introductory course which introduces the basic notions of a certain topic)
    ievads valodniecībā, literatūras zinātnēan introduction to linguistics, to literary theory
  5. (technology) input device (device, machine, etc. used to enter or introduce something into a computer or similar device)
    skaitļotāja ievadsthe calculator's input (= keys)