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From ie- ‎(into) +‎ vads ‎(taking, leading) (compare German Ein-führung, Latin intrō-ductīō, Russian в-ведение ‎(v-vedenie), Greek εισ-αγωγή ‎(eis-agogí), etc.).


ievads m (1st declension)

  1. introduction, introductory words, actions
    bez jebkāda ievada — without any introduction
    tas bija ievads viņai jaunajai dzīvei — that (action) was an introduction to her new life
  2. introduction, preface (a text at the beginning of a book, article, etc. that introduces it)
    grāmatas ievads — the book's introduction, preface
    stāsta, sacerējuma, romāna ievadsintroduction to a story, essay, novel
  3. (music) introduction (initial phase that introduces the main musical piece or theme)
    simfonijas, operas ievads — symphony, opera introduction
  4. (education) introduction (introductory course which introduces the basic notions of a certain topic)
    ievads valodniecībā, literatūras zinātnē — an introduction to linguistics, to literary theory
  5. (technology) input device (device, machine, etc. used to enter or introduce something into a computer or similar device)
    skaitļotāja ievads — the calculator's input (= keys)