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vads n

  1. genitive singular indefinite of vad
  2. genitive plural indefinite of vad


Gāzes vads (1)
Elektrības vads (3)
Vads (4)


From the same stem as the verbs vadīt, vest(to drive, to lead) (q.v.). The original meaning was thus “leader,” “one who leads;” the technical meaning of “duct,” “pipe,” “vessel” arose in the 1920s, under the influence of Russian провод(próvod), German Leitung. Cognates include Lithuanian vãdas(leader, commander), Slavic -voda in compounds such as Russian historical воевода(voevóda, war leader), Czech vévoda(duke), Polish wojewoda(ruler of a region, district).[1]




vads m (1st declension)

  1. pipe, tube, duct, chute (a cylindrical structure for transporting fluids)
    tvaika vads‎ ― steam pipe
    ūdensvads‎ ― aqueduct
    atkritumu vads‎ ― garbage chute
    centrālapkures vads‎ ― central heating pipe
    degvielas, eļļas, gāzes vads‎ ― fuel, oil, gas pipeline
  2. (anatomy) tube- or pipe-like organ in the body
    asinsvads‎ ― blood vessel
    barības vads‎ ― oesophagus (lit. feeding tube)
  3. cable, wire used for electrical power transmission
    augstsprieguma vads‎ ― high tension cable
    izolēts vads‎ ― insulated wire
    elektrības, telefona vads‎ ― electrical, telephone wire
    izvilkt vadu cauri istabai‎ ― to pull a wire through a room
  4. dragnet, seine
    zvejot ar vadu‎ ― to fish with a dragnet
    vilkt vadu‎ ― to pull a dragnet
  5. (military) platoon (the lowest military tactical sub-unit)
    kājnieku vads‎ ― infantry platoon
    vada komandieris‎ ― platoon commander


Derived terms[edit]


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  1. indefinite genitive singular of vad
  2. indefinite genitive plural of vad