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From Latin implexus.



implex (not comparable)

  1. Intricate, involved, entangled, complicated, complex.
    • c. 1711, Joseph Addison, essay in The Spectator, 9 February 1711/12:
      The fable of every poem is, according to Aristotle’s division, either simple or implex. It is called simple when there is no change of fortune in it; implex, when the fortune of the chief actor changes from bad to good, or from good to bad. The implex fable is thought most perfect: I suppose, because it is more proper to stir up the passion of the reader, and to surprise him with a greater variety of accidents.


implex (plural implexes)

  1. A genealogical coefficient of a given genealogical tree; defined as the difference between the number of theoretical ancestors of a person and the number of his/her real ones in a given generation.



  • (adjective):
  • (noun):
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