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implode +‎ -er


imploder (plural imploders)

  1. (psychology) A person who directs their anger inward.
    • 2012, Daniël Louw, Network of the Human Soul (page 157)
      To a certain extent anger is natural. The therapeutic question is to determine how anger affects attitude and managerial skills. In general, anger behaviour results in the so-called anger personalities: the exploders and the imploders.
    • Shut the Duck Up!!! (page 111)
      Imploders have a tendency to hold in their stress for long periods of time []
  2. A device used to create underwater shock waves by causing water to rush into a region of low pressure.
  3. (science fiction) A weapon or other device that causes implosion.
    • 2011, David Weber, In Fire Forged: Worlds of Honor V
      Ship to ship actions once again became brutally short. Warhead designers quickly realized that they could change the compression pattern and sequence of the new gravitic imploders to somewhat shape the resulting release of radiation.